About us

The Frames Lab is a pioneer company in the field of manufacturing aluminium systems! With owners of plant and machinery, advanced technology serves individuals and professionals all over Greece and many foreign countries!

The perfect combination of know-how, the mechanical equipment and the trained personnel, have resulted in the ability to manufacture any product aluminium in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer and needs of the space.

We produce architectural aluminium systems on the state of the art, fully integrated production facilities. Our growth is constant, The evolution of our uninterrupted.

Our Mission

The innovation to the special construction with a main material for the aluminum, so as to continuously enrich the range of options for the client, the client who is and wants to be the space of as unique as the man himself. The awareness and inform customers and the general public for the innovative aluminium products, which will meet the requirements of safety and thermal insulation of the next few years, our primary concern.


Innovative system for On-Line configuration orders

H Frames Lab is a pioneer, with a highly sophisticated and innovative system for on-line orders and product configuration, provides the opportunity for the private and the professional to make the order from the comfort of their own space.

Configure the order in a fully functional environment, and in a few days to have the order to your space ready for fitting!

Sustainable Development

We manufacture, promote and insulating windows high standards of thermal insulation . We also manufacture awnings mobiles and landlines, contributing to the correct shading and ventilation of buildings. Additionally meet the specifications of funded programs for the purpose of energy saving.
Benefit: the output of our products, contribute significantly to the reduction of the required energy for cooling and heating in buildings that are placed.